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Joke Topics Beginning with the letter 'O'

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New study of obesity looks for larger test group


Did you hear about the neurotic octopus?
He was a crazy mixed-up squid.


What do you get if you cross an octopus with a cow?
An animal that can milk itself.


Q: How does a male octopus ask a female octopus to marry him?
A: Can I have your hand, your hand, your hand, your hand ...


"I'll never forget the time they gave me a farewell party at work. I was so surprised, I didn't even know I had been fired."


My new dog is very obedient. When I say 'heel' he always bites me on the heel.


Counting in octal is just like counting in decimal, if you don't use your thumbs.


"Duties will vary."
Anyone in the office can boss you around and tell you what to do.


What should you do if someone offers you a rock cake?
Take your pick.