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Joke Topic - 'Office Parties'

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The worst thing about office parties is having to spend the day after looking for a new job.

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If music be the food of love, I need re-tuning


Bacteria: The rear portion of the cafeteria!


Lawyers are people who can write a ten thousand word document and call it a brief.


What do you call a monster tree that wanders around the forest?


It's tough being a politician. Half your reputation is ruined by lies the other half is ruined by the truth!


William: See that young woman over there, well I just kissed her under the mistletoe.
Brian: I wouldn't kiss her under anesthetic!


What did one bee say to the other bee on a hot summers day?
Swarm today isn't it.


Why is it not a good idea to wear snow boots?
Because they'll melt.


Did you hear about the extremely vain actor?
Every time he opened the fridge door and the little light came on he would bow.

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