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Ultimate office automation: networked coffee.

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What did the dentist see when he went to the North Pole?
A molar bear.


In the twelfth century how many workers did it take to change a light bulb?
None. There were no light bulbs - it was the dark ages.


It's no use asking me. I was hired for my looks.


What food did the cannibal order as his take-away?
Pizza with everyone on it.

Christmas Day

What comes at the very end of Christmas Day?
The letter 'Y' of course!


Why were the astronauts not hungry?
Because they recently had a big launch.


Customer: I'd like a bar of soap please.
Shop Assistant: Would you like it scented?
Customer: No, I want to take it with me now.

Teddy Bears

What do you call a poster advertising the last teddy for sale?
A one ted poster.


Go ahead, speak Your Mind! I Enjoy The Silence!

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