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Here is our selection of jokes and funny stories about the mother-in-law. There are 20 jokes in this category.
mother-in-law jokes

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Mother-in-law Jokes
My mother-in-law told me that she has a good complexion because she puts lemon juice on her face every morning.
But, perhaps that is why her face always looks so sour.
Mother-in-law Jokes
I'm having to leave my wife because of another woman - her mother.
Mother-in-law Jokes
The shortest distance between two points is the route a man takes when driving his mother-in-law home.
Mother-in-law Jokes
We have just had a blessed event in our house - my mother-in-law has just gone back to her own house.
Submitted by: Robert
Mother-in-law Jokes
So you want to become my son-in-law?
Not exactly. I just want to marry your daughter.
Mother-in-law Jokes
A woman woke her husband in the middle of the night and told him "there is a burglar downstairs in the kitchen and he is eating the cake that my mother made for us."
The husband said, "who shall I call, the police or an ambulance?"
Mother-in-law Jokes
Bill: I was sorry to hear that your mother-in-law died. What was the complaint?
George: We haven't had any yet.
Mother-in-law Jokes
A man who hated his mother-in-law got three wishes from a genie.
Genie: "Whatever you wish for, your mother-in-law gets DOUBLE."
First wish: "I would like one billion dollars."
Genie: "Ok but mom get's two billion."
Second wish: "I would like an island off the coast of Greece."
Genie: "OK but mom get's two islands."
Third wish: " I would like you to beat me half to death."
Submitted by: John Porcello
Mother-in-law Jokes
My mother in law called today...
I knew it was her, when she knocked on the front door all the mice threw themselves on the traps!
Mother-in-law Jokes
What's the definition of mixed emotions?
When you see your new mother-in law backing off a cliff in your brand new Mercedes.

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