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Here are some jokes about husbands. There are 6 jokes in this category.

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Jokes About Husbands
Bill gave his wife a real surprise on her birthday. He remembered it.
Jokes About Husbands
He really surprised her on her birthday.
He remembered it.
Jokes About Husbands
Where can a husband always find sympathy?
In the dictionary.
Jokes About Husbands
Avril: I have fourteen children.
Jane: My goodness! Didn’t you run out of names to call them?
Avril: No, but I ran out of names to call my husband!
Jokes About Husbands
Janet: My husband talks in his sleep.
Mary: Why not take him to the doctor?
Janet: Are you kidding? It's the only time he talks to me.
Jokes About Husbands
I wouldn't say that my husband is thin, but when he wears a red necktie he looks like a thermometer.

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