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Chicken Jokes - Page 2

Here are more very old and corny chicken jokes.

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Chicken Jokes
Why did the chicken cross the road??
Too long to go around.....
Chicken Jokes
What is:
peck, peck, peck, BANG, peck, peck, peck BANG??
A chicken in a minefield...
Chicken Jokes
My uncle said, 'I wonder what'll happen if I feed gunpowder to my chickens?'
I said, 'You'll probably get an eggsplosion.'

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What do you call a dinosaur that likes to wear a cowboy hat and boots?
Tyrannosaurus Tex.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Imus who?
Imus get in out of the rain.

To Err

To err is human to forgive, beyond the scope of the Operating System.

Why don't you act like a human being or don't you do impersonations?

Business Consultant

An business consultant is one who can tell you how to run your business but who isn't smart enough to run his own.


Last night my girlfriend said that I am a great wit.
Well, she's half right.

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