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Joke Topic - 'Potatoes'

Here are 3 jokes on the topic - 'Potatoes'.


Once there lived a family of very snobbish King Edward potatoes. The daughter of the family had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday and her parents decided that it was time for them to find a suitable match for her. They suggested all the eligible young bachelor potatoes but no name seemed to satisfy their wilful daughter. Finally in desperation her mother asked her daughter who she would like to be her husband.
The daughter thought for a moment and then said: 'David Coleman.'
'But, my dear,' said her mother in a shocked voice, 'you can't marry David Coleman. After all, he's only a common rater!'

Which vegetable goes best with jacket potatoes?
Button mushrooms.

Why do dentists like to eat potatoes?
Because they are so filling.

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