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Scottish Jokes and Humour - Page 6

Here is more of our humorous Scottish jokes and funny stories about Scotland and the Scots.

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Scottish Jokes and Humour
A Scotsman went on a week's holiday to England. He took a clean shirt and a five pound note with him. When he arrived home he hadn't changed either of them.
Submitted by: Jock
Scottish Jokes and Humour
It was a bitterly cold day on the golf course and the caddy was expecting a large tip from his rich Scottish client. As they neared the clubhouse, the caddy heard the words he was longing to hear, 'This is for a hot glass of whisky.' He held out his hand and a sugar cube was placed in it.
Scottish Jokes and Humour
What do you call 2 scotsmen hanging from a washing line?
A pair of tights.
Submitted by: minnie mouse
Scottish Jokes and Humour
McDougal bought two tickets for the lottery. He won five million pounds.
"How do you feel about your big win?" asked a newspaper reporter.
"Disappointed," said McDougal, "My other ticket didn't win anything."
Scottish Jokes and Humour
What's the difference between a Scotsman and a canoe?
A canoe sometimes tips.
Scottish Jokes and Humour
An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman went out for a night on the town. The Englishman spent �30, the Irishman spent �20 and the Scotsman spent a very enjoyable evening.
Scottish Jokes and Humour
My wife was the last of 5 Scottish sisters to marry, the confetti was filthy.
Scottish Jokes and Humour
The MacTavish brothers decided that one of their number would go to America and make his fortune, coming back to share with the rest of them. The youngest, Ian, was chosen for this task. Off he went, and he worked hard in America, and earned himself a fortune over a few years, and wired his brothers that he'd be returning with it. When he came back to Scotland he got off the boat, and looked around for his brothers, but could not see anyone who looked familiar. Finally, a group of bearded strangers approached. "Ho, Ian, are ye not knowing yer own brothers?" asked the first one. Then Ian realized his brothers had grown beards.
"Fer heaven's sake, laddies, what would ye be growin' them beards for, now?" he asked.
"We had to, lad, ye took the razor wi' ye!"
Scottish Jokes and Humour
A Scottish gift: "It's nae use to me, ye're welcome to it."
Scottish Jokes and Humour
An Australian entered a bar and stood beside a Scotsman.
"Where are you from, pal?" asked the Scotsman, after they'd chatted for a while.
"I'm from the finest country in the whole wide world," said the Australian.
"Are you?" said the other. "You have a damn funny accent for a Scotsman."
Submitted by: Stevie

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