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Jokes For Children
My sister got me into trouble the other day.
She said, Mum, he's broken my dolly.'
My mum said, 'How did that happen?'
My sister said, 'Well I was hitting him on the head with it, and it broke.'
Jokes For Children
Where does Tarzan buy his underpants?
In a jungle sale.
Jokes For Children
How did Quasimodo know the end was near?
He had a hunch.
Jokes For Children
And which really horrible Mother Superior went all over Europe beating people up?
Attila the Nun.
Jokes For Children
My brother said, 'I've got this awful job down on the farm. I'm up to my elbows in manure all day.'
I said, 'Well at least it'll stop you biting your nails.'
Jokes For Children
My dad said to me, 'Son, today I fought off the powers of darkness.'
I said, 'How did you do that?'
He said, 'I paid the electricity bill.'
Jokes For Children
This kid said to me, 'My dad can beat your dad up.'
I said to him, 'That's nothing. So can my mum.'
Jokes For Children
My brother said, 'Did you know about the wild men of Borneo who have no tongues?'
I said, 'No tongues? How can they talk?'
He said, 'They can't. That's what drives them wild.'
Jokes For Children
My brother got thrown out of the zoo last week. I said, 'Why was that?'
He said, 'I fed the monkeys.'
I said, 'You got thrown out of the zoo for feeding the monkeys?'
He said, 'Yes, I fed them to the lions.'
Jokes For Children
This aborigine came running up to his mum. He said, 'Mum, my brother's been hit on the head by his boomerang.'
His mum said, 'The naughty boy! 1 told him to throw that boomerang away.'
The kid said, 'He did, but it came back.'

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