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Jokes about Wives
My wife thinks she should have a dishwasher.
You're lucky. Mine thinks she married one.
Jokes about Wives
An extremely jealous wife gave her husband a careful inspection every evening when he arrived home. Even the smallest hair found on his jacket would lead to violent recriminations. One night, after finding nothing at all, she burst into tears and exclaimed, "Even bald women now!"
Jokes about Wives
Harry: My wife speaks through her nose?
Fred: Why does she do that?
Harry: Because she's worn her mouth out.
Submitted by: Sandy
Jokes about Wives
Bob: I don't know what to do about my wife.
Fred: What's wrong with her?
Bob: It's her memory.
Fred: You mean she can't remember anything?
Bob: No, she remembers everything.
Jokes about Wives
The kindest thing I can say about my wife is that her in-laws are a lot nicer than mine.

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