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Here are some jokes about tennis and tennis players. There are 4 jokes in this category.

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Jokes About Tennis
Why are judges good at tennis?
They serve in the court.
Jokes About Tennis
What can be served but cannot be eaten?
A tennis ball.
Jokes About Tennis
Child: Aw Mom. Whenever we visit Uncle Al he always wants to go bowling. He never wants to go with me to the court and play a few sets of tennis. I think he hates it.
Mother: Nonsense. Many's the time I've heard Alfred laud tennis, son.
Jokes About Tennis
My brother went to the doctor. He said, 'Doctor, I am obsessed with the idea that I am John McEnroe playing at Wimbledon.'
The doctor said, 'Way out man.
My brother said, You can't be serious...'

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