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Jokes About Soccer
A famous footballer went to Heaven and was met by St Peter at the Pearly Gates. 'Who are you?' asked the saint.
'What did you do on earth?'
'I was a footballer.'
'Oh, and where are your boots?'
'I left them on earth.'
'Well, hurry back and get them - we're playing a match against Hell tonight.'
Jokes About Soccer
What do you get if you cross a football team with ice cream?
Aston vanilla.

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What do you call a teletubby who's been robbed?
A tubby


Why did the cow jump over the moon?
The milkmaid had cold hands.


Waiter, waiter, what's in this stuff?'
'It's bean soup, sir.'
'I asked for its recipe, not its history.'

Light Bulbs

How many Californians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Eleven. One to change it and ten to follow the trend.

Light Bulbs

What kind of bulbs should you never water?
Light bulbs.


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