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Here are some jokes about horses. There are 14 jokes in this category.

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Jokes About Horses
What animal goes to bed with his shoes on?
A horse.
Jokes About Horses
When does a horse usually neigh?
Whinny wants to!
Jokes About Horses
Where did the newlywed horses stay?
In the bridle suite.
Jokes About Horses
What is a thespian pony?
A little horse play
Jokes About Horses
Why is the old, worn out horse named Flattery?
Because it gets you nowhere.
Jokes About Horses
What did one horse say to the other one? Any friend of yours is a palomino.
Jokes About Horses
What was the name of the small horse that fought windmills?
Donkey Oatey.
Jokes About Horses
Where does a horse go when he gets sick?
The horspital.
Jokes About Horses
A women was considering buying an aging Thoroughbred but wanted a veterinarian's opinion of the horse before finalizing her deal. She asked when the vet had completed his examination - "Will I be able to race him?"
The veterinarian looked at the woman, then at the horse. "Sure" he replied, "and you'll probably win!"
Jokes About Horses
Yesterday I was driving around in the country, got thirsty and entered a pub. I was there for five minutes, when a big brown horse entered the pub, sits down at a table, crossed its legs and orders a coffee. I was surprised, and asked the pub keeper if this was not a little strange, that a horse orders a coffee.
"Yes", the man said, "Very strange, indeed. Normally it drinks a pint of beer."

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