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Here is our selection of jokes and funny stories about girlfriends. There are 43 jokes in this category.

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Jokes About Girlfriends
Boyfriend: You look good enough to eat.
Girlfriend: I do eat. Which restaurant shall we go to?
Jokes About Girlfriends
Fred: My girlfriend has just left on a cruise to the West Indies.
George: Jamaica?
Fred: No, she wanted to go.
Jokes About Girlfriends
I wouldn't say my last girlfriend was ugly, but if she had a body to match her face, her parents could have entered her for the Grand National horse race.
Jokes About Girlfriends
Did you hear what happened when the Eskimo girl fell out with her boyfriend?
She gave him the cold shoulder.
Jokes About Girlfriends
When her boyfriend actually agrees with her, she lets him have his own way.
Jokes About Girlfriends
Jack: I'd go through anything for you.
Mary: Just the door will be enough.
Jokes About Girlfriends
Jenny: Why are all your boyfriends called William? Joan: That's because I'm a bill collector.
Jokes About Girlfriends
I call my girlfriend "Sugar" because she is so refined.
Jokes About Girlfriends
While he was away on business, Brian thought it would be a good idea to buy a present for his girlfriend. "How about a bottle of perfume?" he asks the cosmetics assistant in a department store. She shows him a sixty-dollar bottle.
"That's a bit too expensive," says Tim, so she returns with a smaller bottle for thirty dollars. "That's still too expensive," Brian complains. Growing annoyed, the assistant shows him a tiny fifteen-dollar bottle.
'What I mean,' said Tim, 'is I'd like to see something really cheap."
So the clerk handed him a mirror.
Submitted by: Sandy
Jokes About Girlfriends
My girlfriend said she's leaving me because I'm always talking about Batman.
What a joker she is.

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