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Jokes About Doctors
Doctor: Face the window, would you? Now stick out your tongue.
Patient: But - Why am I facing the window?
Doctor: Because I don't like the man next door.
Jokes About Doctors
At a party a woman was talking to a doctor. "What kind of a doctor are you?" she asked.
"A Naval surgeon," he replied.
"My, how you doctors specialize," she said.
Jokes About Doctors
A man went to his doctor to find out why he had been having such severe headaches. The doctor ran some tests and after a few hours called the man into his office. "I have terrible news," he told the patient. "Your condition is terminal." "Oh no!" the man wailed. "How long do I have?" "Ten ..." began the doctor. "Ten what?" the patient interrupted. "Days? Months? Years?" "Nine," said the doctor, "eight, seven, six, ..."
Jokes About Doctors
Patient: 'Doctor, why did the receptionist rush out of the room screaming?'
Doctor: 'When she asked you to strip to the waist ready for my examination she meant you to strip from the neck down, not from the toes up!'
Jokes About Doctors
Patient: 'Doctor, my wooden leg keeps giving me the most awful pain.'
Doctor: 'Don't be ridiculous! How can a wooden leg give you pain?'
Patient: 'My wife keeps hitting me on the head with it.'
Jokes About Doctors
Doctor: Well, Mr Jones, I can't find anything wrong with you. It must be the drink.
Mr. Jones: Okay, Doctor, I'll come back in the morning when you're sober.
Jokes About Doctors
'Doctor, doctor, little Jimmy has a saucepan stuck on his head. Whatever shall I do?'
'Don't worry, you can borrow one of mine. I'm going out for dinner."
Submitted by: Alice Jones
Jokes About Doctors
'Doctor, doctor, I keep stealing things. Can you give me something for it?'
'Try these pills. And if they don't work, bring me back a DVD player."
Jokes About Doctors
'Doctor, :doctor, I think I must be invisible. Everyone ignores me.'
'Next, please.'
Jokes About Doctors
DOCTOR" The pain in your right leg is caused by old age.
OLD MAN : But my left leg is the same age and that doesn't hurt.

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