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Jokes About Cats
What did the female cat say to the male cat?
You're the purrfect cat for me.
Jokes About Cats
What swings from a trapeze and miaows?
An acrocat.
Jokes About Cats
My uncle said, 'My cat got first prize in the budgie show.'
I said, 'That's impossible. Cats don't get prizes in budgie shows.'
My uncle said, 'No, a budgie got the prize and my cat ate the budgie.'
Jokes About Cats
My sister came running in from the kitchen. She said, 'Dad, there's a black cat out there.',br>My dad said, 'So what? Black cats are lucky.'
My sister said, 'This one certainly is. It's just eaten your lunch.'
Jokes About Cats
Did you hear about the cat that fell in the yogurt?
He's a sour puss now.
Jokes About Cats
Why is your cat so small?
He only drinks condensed milk.

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