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Here are more old and corny jokes and funny stories about cannibals.

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Jokes About Cannibals
A sign over a cannibal's hut: "I never met a man I didn't like."
Jokes About Cannibals
What do the guests do at a cannibal wedding?
They toast the bride and groom.
Jokes About Cannibals
Father Cannibal To Daughter: It's time you got married. We'll start looking for an edible bachelor.
Jokes About Cannibals
What did one cannibal say to another?"Who was that girl I saw you with last night?"
"That was no girl, that was my supper."
Jokes About Cannibals
Why was the cannibal expelled from school?
Because he kept buttering up the teacher.
Jokes About Cannibals
The cannibal came home to find his wife chopping up snakes and a very small man.
"Oh no!" he groaned. "Not snake and pygmy pie again."
Jokes About Cannibals
Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?
Jokes About Cannibals
Two cannibals were having lunch.
One cannibal said "your wife makes a great soup."
"Yes" said the other one, "but I'm sure gonna miss her."
Jokes About Cannibals
A cannibal is watching his friend, also a cannibal. His friend walks up to someone and eats him, then comes back and announces 'I'm a vegetarian.'
'But I just saw you eat that person!' The first cannibal cries.
'That's because he was a swede.'
Submitted by: Derf
Jokes About Cannibals
Two cannibals had just cooked up a missionary, and were having dinner. The first says to the second, "Hey, what do you think of this missionary?" The second replies, "Quite tasty much better than those pork pies they used to serve us at the London School of Economics."

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