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Joke Topics Beginning with the letter 'R' - Page 2

This is page 2 of the index of joke topics that begin with the letter 'R'.

The joke topics listed on this page are: - Relatives - Relax - Remember - Remembered - Remind - Rent - Repeat - Repeat Offenders - Research - Resemblance - Residents - Responsible - Restaurant - Restaurants - Retire - Retiring - Revenge - Reward - Rich - Rich And Famous.

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Here are some randomly selected joke topics beginning with the letter 'R'


I like you. You remind me of when I was young and stupid.


I can't remember if I used to be forgetful or not


The landlord said he wanted me to treat the place like my own home. So I did - I didn't pay the rent.


Why do elephants have short tails?
Because they can't remember long stories.


Mary: You remind me of my favorite boxer.
John: George Foreman?
Mary: No. he's called Fido.


Billy: My mother has the worst memory in the world.
Frank: She forgets everything?
Billy: No. she remembers everything.


Where there's a will there's a relative


You know you're having a bad day when you wake up to the soothing sound of running water...and remember that you just bought a waterbed.


He really surprised her on her birthday.
He remembered it.