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Joke Topics Beginning with the letter 'B' - Page 6

This is page 6 of the index of joke topics that begin with the letter 'B'.

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Here are some randomly selected joke topics beginning with the letter 'B'


What do vampires cross the ocean in?
Blood vessels.


What did the vampire say when he called the blood bank?
Do you do home deliveries?


What do you get if you cross a vampire with a hyena?
A animal that laughs at the sight of blood.

Blood type

What blood type are pessimists?


Why was the vampire sent to jail?
He tried to rob the local blood bank!


Why are vampires not very intelligent?
Because blood is thicker than water.

Boa constrictors

Did you hear about the two boa constrictors who recently got married?
They had a crush on each other.


Where do vampires keep their savings?
In the blood bank.


A gang of thieves broke into a blood bank last night and stole a hundred pints of blood. Police are still hunting for the clots.