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Joke Topic - 'Wig'

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Why was the bird wearing a wig?
Because it was a bald eagle.

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What kind of coat is put on when it is wet?
A coat of paint.


Which parts of a car are the laziest?
The wheels. They are always tired.


I wouldn't be paranoid if people didn't pick on me


Justice - a decision in your favor.


What item is usually bought by the metre, yet is worn by the foot?
A carpet.


What do you call a country where all of the cars are pink?
A pink carnation.

Light Bulbs

How many film stars doe it take to change a light-bulb?
One, but he only takes one step up the ladder, and then his stunt double takes over.


What is a succesful perfume called?
A best smeller.


Did you hear what happened to the tub of butter?
Well if I tell you about it you need to promise not to spread it around.

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