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Joke Topic - 'Wallet'

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At an auction in Glasgow a wealthy American announced that he had lost his wallet containing 10,000 and would give a reward of 100 to the person who found it.
From the back of the hall Wee Hughie shouted, "I'll give 150!"

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Why are dalmatians no good at playing hide and seek?
Because they are always spotted.


Why did the pilot visit the physiatrist?
Because he was plane crazy.


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Jewel who?
Jewel be sorry.


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You go on ahead and I'll just hang around.


What do you call a lifeguard with no legs?


Janet: My husband talks in his sleep.
Mary: Why not take him to the doctor?
Janet: Are you kidding? It's the only time he talks to me.


Don’t rush me; I get paid by the hour.


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He parked in a snow parking zone.

Computer Dating

"I'm all for computer dating, but I wouldn't want one to marry my sister."

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