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Joke Topic - 'Waiter'

Here are 3 jokes on the topic - 'Waiter'.


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Waiter who?
Waiter round and you'll find out.

Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!
Don't worry - he won't drink much.

Waiter, waiter, this food isn't fit for a pig.'
'Very good sir. I'll go and get you some that is.'

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At what time of year do bedbugs like to get married?
In the spring.


What do cannibals eat for breakfast?
Buttered host.


Why did they have to put a fence around the graveyard?
Because people were dying to get in.


Wife: Why do you always think about golf at bedtime?
Husband: It putts me to sleep.


What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost?


Where do ghosts go to get an educated?
High sghoul.


Knock knock
Who's there?
Little old lady
Little old lady who?
Gee, I didn't know you knew how to yodel.


George: Mum, can I go and play in the park?
Mother: With those old jeans and t-shirt?
George: No, with my friends who live across the road.


What do you call a crazy chicken?
A cuckoo cluck.

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