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Joke Topic - 'Vampires'

Here are 29 jokes on the topic - 'Vampires'.


Did you hear about the vampire that swallowed a sheep?
He said he felt baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Did you hear about the vampire who liked ballroom dancing?
He especially liked the vaultz.

Did you hear about the vampire's new dog?
It's a bloodhound!

How do you terrify a vampire?
Ask them if they would like some garlic with their steak?

What did the vampire call his false teeth?
A new fangled device.

What did the vampire say when he called the blood bank?
Do you do home deliveries?

What do the police call it when they watch a vampire's castle?
A stake out.

What do vampires cross the ocean in?
Blood vessels.

What do you call a stupid vampire?
A clot.

What do you call a vampire that you can dip in your cup of coffee?
Count Dunkula.

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