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Joke Topic - 'Ungrateful'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Ungrateful'.


We the unwilling, led by the unqualified, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful.

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Waiter, waiter, this food isn't fit for a pig.'
'Very good sir. I'll go and get you some that is.'


Q: What do you call a blonde skeleton in the closet?
A: The winner of a hide and seek game.


What do you call a salad that is a coward?
A chicken salad.


Q: Why don't blondes like pickles?
A: They keep getting their head stuck in the jar..


Teacher: You missed school yesterday, didn't you?
Henry: No. Not even a little bit!


What is the difference between a dog and a basketball player?
One drools and the other one dribbles.


Why did the pirate's phone keep going beep, beep, beep?
Because he had left it off his hook.

Father Christmas

What do the elves fear most about Christmas?
They're afraid that Father Christmas will give them the sack.


Now where did I park my hard drive?

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