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Joke Topic - 'Umbrellas'

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What is most useful when it is used up?
An umbrella.

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"What do you do?" a man asked a pretty girl at a party. "I'm an infant teacher."
"Good gracious! l thought you were at least 26."


What do you call it when a cat stops briefly?
A paws.


NERVOUS PASSENGER: How often do planes of this type crash?
CAPTAIN: Only once, Madam.

King Kong

What did King Kong say when he saw the Statue of Liberty?
Are you my mother?


What is a zookie?
A key to the zoo.


What does a frog like to order with a burger?
Jumbo flies and a diet croak.


Did you hear about the skeleton that was attacked by a dog?
It ran off with some bones and left him without a leg to stand on.


'Would you rather a lion ate you or a gorilla?'
'I would rather the lion ate the gorilla.'


Who steal soap and towels from the bathroom?
Robber ducks.

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