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Joke Topic - 'Trampolines'

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What is the difference between a lawyer and a trampoline?
You take off your shoes to jump on a trampoline!

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A gang of thieves broke into a blood bank last night and stole a hundred pints of blood. Police are still hunting for the clots.


What do you get if you cross a thief with an orchestra?
Robbery with violins.


Did you hear about the three French swordsmen who liked to put mustard in their ears?
They were known as the three mustardears.


Another megabytes the dust.


Q. What did the elf use to make him taller?
A. He used elf raising flour.


Unix - Reach out and grep someone.


How do you post a rabbit?
By hare mail.


What does a monster write on his Christmas cards?
Best vicious of the season.


Q: What do you call it when a blonde dies her hair brunette?
A: Artificial intelligence.

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