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Joke Topic - 'The Grand National'

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I wouldn't say my last girlfriend was ugly, but if she had a body to match her face, her parents could have entered her for the Grand National horse race.

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What to do you call an old dentist?
A bit long in the tooth.

Three Bears

Which monster ate the three bears' porridge?

Road Maps

I once drove to the South of France in six days. It took me four days to get there and two days to fold up the road maps.


What do you get if you cross a tiger with a kangeroo?
A stripey jumper.


My brother went to the doctor. He said, 'I feel like a bar of soap.
The doctor said, 'That's life, boy.'


If my girlfriend said what she thought she'd be completely speechless.


Why are they called apartments, when they're all stuck together?

Sliced Bread

What was the best thing before sliced bread?


How do crazy people go through the forest?
They take the psycho path.

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