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Joke Topic - 'Thank You'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Thank You'.


Diner: Waiter, when I ordered this steak, I said "Well done".
Waiter: Thank you Sir.

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Don't worry. I forgot your name, too!


Waiter, Waiter.
There's a fly in my soup.
What do you want me to do, call a lifeguard.

Boy Scout

Why did the Boy Scout become dizzy?
Because he spent all day doing good turns.


Why did the chicken just pretend it was going to cross the road?
Because it was a practical yoker.


Q: Why do blondes have TGIF on their shoes?
A: Toes Go In First.


What do you call a chicken that haunts houses?
A poultrygeist.


What do you call a Scottish parrot?
A Macaw.


Why be difficult, when with a little bit more effort you can be completely impossible?


What do cats like to eat for breakfast?
Mice Crispies.

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