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Joke Topic - 'Telepathy'

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Legalize telepathy - I knew you were going to say that

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Customer: Waiter, there is there a small bug in my salad?
Waiter: l'm terribly sorry. Would you like me to get you a bigger one?


What song does Tarzan always sing at Christmas?
Jungle Bells.


What does a baseball player do when his eyesight starts going bad?
He gets a job as an umpire.

Santa Claus

What did Santa say to the elves on Christmas Eve?
Well, that wraps things up for another year.


The politician's campaign speech was praised by a voter, who said: I admire the straightforward way you dodged all the issues.


What did the boy mushroom say to the girl mushroom?
Hey, I'm a fun guy!


It's your right to be stupid, but it doesn't mean you need to be!


Did you hear about the child who was named after his father?
They called him dad.


What do you call a woman standing in the middle of a tennis court?

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