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Joke Topic - 'Taxidermist'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Taxidermist'.


Did you hear about the idiot who thought a taxidermist was someone who stuffs dead cab drivers?

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"Duties will vary."
Anyone in the office can boss you around and tell you what to do.


What do you get when you cross a hen and a waiter?
A hen that lays tables.


It was so cold last winter that I saw a lawyer with his hands in his own pockets.


Doctor, doctor, what's the best cure for water on the knee?
A tap on the ankle.


Why are Martians green?
They forgot to take their travel sickness tablets before leaving Mars.


Did you hear about the magic tractor?
It turned into a field.


Why did the woodworm eat a sofa and two easy chairs?
It had a suite tooth.


What do you call a person who draws amusing pictures of motor vehicles?
A car-toonist.


I call my dog Egypt because he leaves a pyramid in every room.

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