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Joke Topic - 'Tails'

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Why do elephants have short tails?
Because they can't remember long stories.

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Q: How does an elephant get down from a tree?
A: It doesn't, You get down from a duck.


My brother said, 'One of my mates got run over by a car.',br> I said, 'Really, how did he feel?'
My brother said, 'Tyred.'


Where do rabbits go after they get married?
On their bunnymoon!


Why is it not difficult to swindle sheep out of their money?
Because it is easy to pull the wool over their eyes.


Why do witches like to go to a hot country for their vacation?
So that they can have a spell in the sun.


What did the digital clock say to its mother?
Look Ma, no hands!


Notice - If you notice this notice you will notice its not worth noticing


I went to high school so long that the other students brought me apples . . . they thought I was the teacher.


Crime is merely politics without the excuses.

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