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Joke Topic - 'Socks'

Here are 2 jokes on the topic - 'Socks'.


Did you hear about the man put on a clean pair of socks every day of the week.
By Friday he could hardly get his shoes on.

Did you hear about the man who lost the race because of his socks? They were guaranteed not to run?

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My girlfriend's cooking is just like a good man, hard to keep down.


What kind of coat is put on when it is wet?
A coat of paint.


Doctor, Doctor I feel like an apple.
Don't worry we'll soon get to the core of this!


Salesgirl: Which size dress would you like, madam?
Customer: I'd like a size 10, but I take a size 14.


Why do sheep never have enough money to go away on a vacation?
The farmer is always fleecing them.


What did the vampire call his false teeth?
A new fangled device.


What is Dr. Jekyll's favorite game?

The Sea

Jill: You remind me of the sea.
Jack: Because I'm wild, unpredictable and romantic?
Jill: No, because you make me sick.


What do you call a snake who works for the government?
A civil serpent.

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