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Joke Topic - 'Shakespeare'

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A very large car screeched to a halt in the middle of a Warwickshire village. The driver removed his cigar and called out to a local farmer, 'Say, am I on the right road for Shakespeare's birthplace?'
'Straight ahead, sir,' said the farmer. 'But there b'aint no need to 'urry. He's dead!'

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My uncle keeps a pig under his bed. I said, 'What about the smell?'
My uncle said, 'He doesn't mind that.'

A Big Mouth

What has a big mouth, but is unable to talk?
A glass jar.


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Mice Krispies.


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A hardened criminal.


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We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.


Did you hear about the man who kept thinking he was Dracula?
He was a right pain in the neck.


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The nightmayor.


Old School Pillars are Replaced by Alumni


Bill: So your son is at college. . . what's he going to be when he gets through?
Father: A pensioner.

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