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Joke Topic - 'Scotland Yard'

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Did you hear about the ghost who works at Scotland Yard?
He's the Chief in-spectre.

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A gang of thieves broke into a blood bank last night and stole a hundred pints of blood. Police are still hunting for the clots.


Doctor: Have you ever had this problem before?
Patient: Yes.
Doctor: Well, you've got it again!


'Grandad, do you know how to croak?'
I don't think so, Steven, why?"
'Because Dad says he'll be rich when you do.'


The thunder god went for a ride on his favourite horse,
'I'm Thor' he cried.
The horse replied:
'You forgot the thaddle, thilly.'


Where did the astronaut get his degree?
At the mooniversity!


Talk is cheap until you hire a lawyer.


What did they say to King Harold at the battle of Hastings?
Cor! Get an eyeful of those arrows!


Your village called. They're missing their idiot.


What type of a bee is always complaining?
A grumble bee!

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