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Joke Topic - 'Scientists'

Here are 2 jokes on the topic - 'Scientists'.


How do you tell the difference between Computer Scientist and a normal person?
Get them to count. The Computer Scientist is the one that starts from zero.

Why do scientists call it research when looking for something new?

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An business consultant is one who can tell you how to run your business but who isn't smart enough to run his own.

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Small girl seeing Buckingham Palace for the first time: `Our front garden is concreted over too'.


What are lawyers good for?
They make used car salesmen look good.


What do cows do when they're introduced?
They give each other a milk shake.


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The doctor said, just wait and 'I'll deal with you one at a time.'


Don't marry for money...You can borrow it cheaper.


What do you get if you cross a circus clown and a goat?
You get a silly billy.


What do you call a hippy's wife?

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