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Joke Topic - 'Sausage Rolls'

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How do you make a sausage roll?
Push it.

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What is the difference between men and government bonds?
The bonds mature.


What is red in color and likes to eat peanuts?
An embarrassed elephant.


Did you hear about the idiot who thought a taxidermist was someone who stuffs dead cab drivers?


Why do elephants have short tails?
Because they can't remember long stories.


His driveway doesn't quite reach the garage.


"You're a high-priced lawyer! If I give you $500, will you answer two questions for me?"
"Absolutely! What's your second question?"

Santa Claus

How does santa begin a joke?
"This one will sleigh you...."


How do you get your revenge on a doctor?
Give him a taste of his own medicine.


What a nice approach. Now let's see your departure.

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