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Joke Topic - 'Santa'

Here are 9 jokes on the topic - 'Santa'.


How do you know that Santa is good at karate?
Because he has a black belt!

What did Santa say to Mrs. Claus on Christmas Eve?
Well, that wraps it up for another year.

What do Santa's little helpers learn when they go to school?
The elf-abet.

What do you call Father Christmas when he stops moving?
Santa Pause!

Who brings Christmas presents to the baby sharks?
Santa jaws.

Who is the biggest problem for Santa in his workshop?
The elf and safety officer.

Why did Santa get a parking ticket?
He parked in a snow parking zone.

Why does Santa need to carry a big umbrella with him?
Because of all the rain-deer.

Why is Santa looking for a new job?
Because he got the sack.

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