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Joke Topic - 'Room'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Room'.


Nan: How do you like your new studio apartment?
Dan: I have no room for complaint.

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Chicken Soup

Diner: Waiter, your thumb is in my chicken soup.
Waiter: That's all right sir, it's not very hot.


Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.


Q: Do you know how to save five drowning lawyers?
A: No.
Reply: Good!


Did you hear about the kidnapping?
He woke up.


What do you call a snake who is employed by the government?
A civil serpent.


Why do vampires try to avoid getting into arguments?
Because they make themselves cross.


What's a good example of a missed opportunity?
A bus-load of lawyers going over a cliff with one empty seat.


Why are dalmatians no good at playing hide and seek?
Because they are always spotted.


Why did the whale cross the road?
To get to the other tide.

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