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Joke Topic - 'Rock'

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What do you call a rock group with Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Handel, and Chopin?
The Decomposers.

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Doctor, Doctor, my wooden leg is giving me a lot of pain.
Why is that?
My wife keeps hitting me over the head with it.


Why are skeletons always so calm?
Nothing can get under their skin.


What did the buffalo say when he dropped his boy off at school?
"Bye, son!"


Why did the farmer feed his pigs sugar and vinegar?
He wanted sweet and sour pork.


What do you get if you cross an American pioneer with an English batting game?
Davy Cricket.


What did the balloon say to the pin?
'Hi, buster!'


I brake for Hallucinations.


What do you call a cow that likes to eat long grass?
A lawn moo-er.


Did you hear about the robbers who fell in the sea?
They started a crime wave.

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