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Joke Topic - 'Rich'

Here are 6 jokes on the topic - 'Rich'.


'Grandad, do you know how to croak?'
I don't think so, Steven, why?"
'Because Dad says he'll be rich when you do.'

Did you hear about the high class private school where all the pupils were very smelly?
Only filthy rich kids were allowed to go there.

Did you hear about the man who wouldn't wash until he became a millionaire? He's now filthy rich.

Did you hear about the rich rabbit?
He was a millionhare.

How does a spoiled rich girl change a lightbulb?
She says, "Daddy, I want a new apartment."

The poor guy walks up to the rich guy's house. He's down on his luck and needs some money. He rings the doorbell. "Hi there, I'm down on my luck, need some money, and I was wondering if you have any work I could do for you?" The rich Guy decides to give him a break, and says: "Sure, my porch needs painting. I'll pay you 50 dollars to do it for me." "Sure thing, Mister, I'll get started right away!" Time passes, until... "Hey Mister, I'm all done painting!" "Well, here's your 50 dollars" "Thanks, and by the way, it's a Ferrari, not a Porsche."

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