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Joke Topic - 'Pretty'

Here are 2 jokes on the topic - 'Pretty'.


Joe: Your wife is pretty old.
Bob: Thank you. She was even prettier when she was younger.

My new girlfriend is a pretty as a flower.
A cauliflower.

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Patient: Doctor, I feel like a car!
Doctor: Well, just park yourself over there.


What should you do if someone offers you a rock cake?
Take your pick.


Eye drops off shelf


Why did Dracula's wife leave him?
Because he was a pain in the neck.


What did the cannibal say when he met the famous explorer?
Doctor Livingstone, I consume?

King Kong

What did King Kong say when he saw the Statue of Liberty?
Are you my mother?


Why did the jeans burst into tears?
They felt blue.


What do baby outlaws like eating with their milk?


Did you hear about the man who fitted snow tires to his car?
They melted.

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