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Joke Topic - 'Picnic'

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My uncle said to me, 'Ants have got amazing brains.'
I said, 'Have they?'
He said, 'Yes. Have you noticed how they always know when you're having a picnic.'

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How was the Grand Canyon in America formed?
A Scotsman was there on holiday and dropped a dime.


What is very tall and wet and stands in the middle of Paris?
The Eiffel Shower.


Did you hear about the man who went to the doctor with a strawberry growing out of his head?
The doctor gave him some cream to put on it.

Started Out

I started out with nothing...and I still have most of it left.


Why can't you keep any secrets in a bank?
Because of all the tellers.


Pigs might fly but this one drives


Why are dogs not good dancers?
Because they have two left feet.


Why is 5 o'clock in the morning a bit like a pigs tail?
Because it's twirly!


What happens when you drink Frognog?
You croak.

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