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Joke Topic - 'Personality'

Here are 2 jokes on the topic - 'Personality'.


Patient: Doctor, doctor, I think I'm developing a split personality.
Doctor: Well, sit down, both of you.

You have a striking personality. How long has it been on strike?

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Did you hear about the cross-eyed optician?
He could never see eye to eye with his patients.


MABEL: When I'm old and ugly, will you still love me?
PERCY: I do, don't I?

Secret Agents

What do you call a secret agent that hangs around department stores?
A counterspy.


What is very large, grey and mutters?
A mumbo-jumbo.


How did the snowman travel to work?
By icicle.


Why is 5 o'clock in the morning a bit like a pigs tail?
Because it's twirly!

The Meek

The meek shall inherit the earth - if that's all right with you?


Where do vampires keep their savings?
In the blood bank.


Q:What do you call a mad cow?
A:mad cow

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