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Joke Topic - 'Paperwork'

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How many civil servants does it take to change the light bulb?
45. One to change the bulb, and 44 to do the paperwork.

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What do you call it when a chef has gone on strike?
A cook-out!


What musical instrument does a skeleton play?
A trombone.


Where does a ghost like to go swimming?
In Lake Eerie.


My uncle said, 'I've got this woodpecker with no beak. What shall I call him?'
I said, 'A headbanger.


Hotel Guest: 'Can you give me a room and a bath, please?'
Receptionist: 'I can give you a room, but you'll have to take your own bath.'


Diner: Can you ask the chef if he has pigs' feet.
Waiter: Not me. I want to keep this job.


What do ghosts have on their bicycle Wheels?


Boss: William, why aren't you working?
William: Sorry, I didn't see you coming!

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