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Joke Topic - 'Paper'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Paper'.


What do you get if you cross a piece of paper with two famous composers?
A Chopin Listz.

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Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking that I'm a frog
Go on, hop it!


Why, if the best things in life are free, the next-best things are so expensive?


What do you get if you cross a banana with a comedian?
Peels of laughter.

A Bakery

Why did the lazy man apply for a job in a bakery?
So he could just loaf around all day.


Diner: Waiter! This soup tastes funny.
Waiter: Then why aren't you laughing?


Old Chemistry professors never die, they just smell that way!


What did the mother cow say to the baby cow?
You should be asleep by now, it's way pasture bedtime.


Why was the cat scared of the tree?
Because of its bark.


What do you get if you cross a successful book with perfume.
A best smeller.

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