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Joke Topic - 'Opportunities'

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You can create your own opportunities this week. Blackmail a senior executive.

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Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
No body.


Pigs might fly but this one drives


We were all in a car and it wouldn't start, so I told everyone to be quiet, and then it started right up! Why??
Cause it goes without saying...


Did you hear about the movie which features a dentist who travels backwards and forwards in time?
It's called "Plaque to the Future."


How did Quasimodo know the end was near?
He had a hunch.


Why is it the loudest snorer is always the first one to get to sleep?


What should you do if you find three lawyers buried up to their neck in cement?
Run and find some more cement!


How do you terrify a vampire?
Ask them if they would like some garlic with their steak?


Old School Pillars are Replaced by Alumni

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