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Joke Topic - 'Neighbors'

Here are 2 jokes on the topic - 'Neighbors'.


Do you play your piano by ear?
No, I play it by the open window to annoy my neighbors.

What did the cannibals say to their nextdoor neighbors?
We'd really love to have you over for dinner!"

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There is very little future in being right when your boss is wrong.


How many Princeton students does it take to change a light bulb?
Two, one to mix the martinis and one to call the electrician.


What kind of ducks rob bank vaults?
Safe quackers.


'You wouldn't think I'd bought this car second-hand, would you?'
'No, I thought you'd made it yourself.'


How can you tell if an elephant been in the refrigerator?
By the footprints in the butter.


School children march over new teachers


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Sawyer, who?
Sawyer lights were on, so thought I'd just stop and say hello.


Robin: How's the job?
Fred: I lost it due to illness and fatigue.
Robin: Oh. The boss was sick and tired of you, eh?


What a nice approach. Now let's see your departure.

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