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Joke Topic - 'Nagging'

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George: I'll be on my own for the next two weeks.
Richard: Why is that?
George: Once a year my wife goes home to spend two weeks with her mother. It's sort of a refresher course in nagging.

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The cannibal came home to find his wife chopping up snakes and a very small man.
"Oh no!" he groaned. "Not snake and pygmy pie again."


Wife: Where are you going with your golf clubs?
Husband: To a tee party.


My brother went to the doctor's and said, 'Some days, I think I'm a golf ball.'
The doctor said, 'Well you've come a fair way to see me...'


If tires hold up cars, what holds up airplanes?


How do you open a haunted house?
You use a skeleton key.


Why did the chicken just pretend it was going to cross the road?
Because it was a practical yoker.


Why was the archaeologist upset?
His job was in ruins.


What goes up when you count down?
A rocket.

King Arthur

Which of King Arthur's knights loved to eat steak?
Sir Loin.

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