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Joke Topic - 'Music'

Here are 8 jokes on the topic - 'Music'.

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Did you hear about the idiot who put his radio into a refrigerator?
He wanted to hear some cool music.

Did you hear about the music store that was robbed last night?
The thieves made off with the lute.

Greetings from the school of Computer Generated Music, in a moment we will play one of our shorter selections, after which you may leave a message.

Hostess: They tell me you love good music.
Guest: Yes, I do. But never mind, keep right on playing.

If music be the food of love, I need re-tuning

Patient: I feel like a sheet of music.
Doctor: Please wait a minute while I look at your notes.

Piano Tuner: "I've come to tune your piano."
Music Teacher: "But we didn't send for you."
Piano Tuner: "No, but the people who live opposite did."

What musical instrument does a skeleton play?
A trombone.

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