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Joke Topic - 'Money'

Here are 24 jokes on the topic - 'Money'.

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A man was caught for speeding and went before the judge. The judge said, "What will you take: 30 days or $30?" The man thought and replied, "I think I'll take the money."

Accountant - someone you hire to explain that you didn't make the money you did.

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Did you hear about the a fish that wanted to borrow some money?
He went to visit the loan shark.

Did you hear what happened to the man who invested all his money in a company who made erasers?
When the company went bankrupt, he was wiped out.

Don't marry for money...You can borrow it cheaper.

Highway man to traveller: Your money or your life!
Traveller: Take my life, I'm saving up.

How do you know if a Scotsman is left-handed?
He keeps all his money in his right-hand pocket.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Jimmy who?
Jimmy all your money.

My brother said, 'I'm going to become a forger. I'm going to make some big money.'
I said, 'Don't make it too big or someone'll notice.'

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